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Mainstay Counseling

Counseling is a collaborative process of helping you identify values, priorities and beliefs within the realms of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We understand that counseling can be an intimate and vulnerable process, therefore we see it as a privilege to be able to partner with you on this journey as a close confidant, guiding and encouraging you along the way.

Image by Stefan Galescu

Client Testimonials

"Lindsay not only helped me believe in myself, she taught me to love my TRUE self. To be honest, Lindsay changed my life and has been a beacon of light in my counseling journey for over four years"

- S.C.

"Lindsay Thompson is the epitome of warmth, compassion and understanding.  Couple that with her depth of knowledge and firm grasp of the counseling field and you won't find a better therapist"

- C.M.

"Three months after the birth of my first baby I started to see Lindsay after my family insisted that I needed to talk to someone. I was struggling with both severe post partum depression and anxiety for months. Despite believing that I was okay, I quickly found myself releasing so many emotions and thoughts within just the first session due to Lindsay's compassion, thoughtfulness, and responsiveness.  I always felt that I was in a safe space with a person that I quickly came to trust.  Lindsay helped me to identify and to understand my behaviors and thoughts without shame and better yet, gave me real life strategies to help cope with triggers and emotions. She gave me confidence and logical thinking back. She provided me with such a life changing journey that I have referred quite a few people to her over the years"

- O.P.

"Lindsay holds the room with her soothing presence, and her warmth, empathy, and compassion are like a comforting hug. I feel heard and understood by Lindsay in a way that I've never before felt. Her willingness to be authentic and honest with me has been tantamount in our work together"

- B.R.

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